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USG / Sto / Alltek Spray Applied Plaster System, Prices,

Plaster application using airless spraying /m2 Supply and Apply Specialist Applicators



Supply and Apply Prices in UK Construction Industry


Water based general purpose sealants and decorators caulk. 1.20/m

Typical Specification that should be part of an NBS clause under the M60 or M20 sections (CPI/SMM)


M60 - 199


Surface Preparation (insert clause); Manufacturer (insert clause) All substrates must be sound, dry, clean and free of oil, grease, mildew, efflorescence, dust and other surface contaminants. Concrete and plaster surfaces should be thoroughly dry and cured. Glossy surfaces must be treated with an appropriate bonding agent prior to application. All joints, fasteners and accessories should be treated with a recommended Joint Treatment System and nicks, voids and grooves filled with Joint Compounds.  Apply Spray Finishing Compound to the whole surface the wet film thickness (WFT) should be up to 1mm on drywall and 1.5mm on concrete.   Blade Skim the Spray Finishing Compound using a large taping knife to achieve a smooth even finish. You must allow to the skim to dry for 12 hours.   When applying over concrete a minimum of three coats is required but you may need to repeat this sprayed skim coat depending on the nature of the substrate, as site survey is required to assess this prior to tendering.  Lightly sand the surface to remove any irregularities using sandpaper with masks and dust extraction.  Apply the Primer coating to achieve a perfect finish viewed from 1m away under normal lighting conditions, using a cross hatch spraying technique. The leave to dry once a Level 5 finish has been achieved and it is ready to receive the final decoration coats.  All areas not to receive plaster are to be masked and protected from over-spray.

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SMM Measured Work Section


Spray apply plaster system as per clause M60 - 199


General surface of concrete

not exceeding 300mm girth    15.75/m


exceeding 300mm girth    25.25/m2


exceeding 300mm girth; in stair areas   28.97/m2

Spray apply plaster system as per clause M60 - 199


General surface of plasterboard (taped and jointed by others)

not exceeding 300mm girth    10.25/m


exceeding 300mm girth    18.44/m2


exceeding 300mm girth; in stair areas   22.10/m2


Spray apply plaster system as per clause M60 - 199


General surface of blockwork

not exceeding 300mm girth    18.35/m


exceeding 300mm girth    29.00/m2


exceeding 300mm girth; in stair areas   30.46/m2






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